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with our dog grooming services

Mucky Pups is a team of highly qualified dog groomers based in Beaconsfield who have been pampering dogs, large and small, since 1970. Visit our salon today to find out more.

Who are Mucky Pups?

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Every dog loves pampering. That's why our dog groomers provide a range of dog grooming services to breed standard, including bathing, clipping and hand stripping.

Pampering your dog

Microchipping helps to keep your dog traceable and allows you be reunited quicker if your dog goes missing. Mucky Pups offers a microchipping service to keep your dog safe and secure.

Microchipping available

Don't let work commitments and busy schedules get in the way of pampering your dog. We offer a collection and delivery service so your dog can always enjoy our dog grooming services.

Busy schedule?

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